Cash Flow Keeping You Down?

Digikraal Accelerator is a trade finance solution designed for businesses within the cattle industry. With a “light touch” and user friendly system, our unique factor finance allows you to convert invoices into cash before their due date, allowing you to:

  • Smooth cash flow,
  • Increase the number of trades you can do in a cycle,
  • Meet supplier and/or tax obligations on time,
  • Never miss out on a great deal due to cash squeezes, and
  • Much more!

Whether you are a trader, farmer, abattoir, distributor, retailer or transporter – we have you covered.


How it works

  1. A Supplier sells to a Customer, and raises an invoice, but does not want to wait more than 7-days (or more) for payment.
  2. Through DigiKraal Accelerator, the Supplier converts Invoices into cash before their due-date – enabling further growth.
  3. The Customer (Buyer) then settles through DigiKraal Accelerator once the Invoices are due and for simplicity payment is made directly into a bank account nominated by DigiKraal Accelerator.

Enquire today to find out more and see whether your business qualifies for factor financing.

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